HBC manufacture and supply an extensive range of cleaning solutions designed for the professional, home and outdoors.
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Marketing & Design Solutions

Design & Merchandising

Designed with SolidWorksFrom product development to innovative display solutions, our experienced in-house design team offers a comprehensive service for all our customers' requirements. By using the most advanced technology and design programs we are able to quickly and efficiently bring ideas to life.

If you purchase our products and are looking to bring life to your catalogue or brochure, we will happily present to you page layouts. Our creative team can either follow an existing design or propose something new. Email info@hillbrushinc.com for assistance with your project.

Display Stands & Packaging

Hygiene Display Stand



We have a range of display stands available to our customers, giving the products more presence and assisting in increased sales for your shop or showroom. We also have the capabilities to produce bespoke display options including pallet bins, counter top, floor standing, boxes and general packaging.







Catalogs & e-catalogs

2011 Main CatalogueWe are happy to provide our customers with sales literature through the following formats to assist with the distribution of our products.

  • Hard copies
  • Digital e-catalog for websites (see example below)
  • PDF copy (This can be customized and include a customer logo with contact details for personalized distribution)

DVD of Product Images

2011 Main CatalogueWe will happily provide a DVD containing all of our product images in a high resolution format for all of our customers. This will assist you with presenting the products online and promoting the products within your own sales literature.







DVD Video

2011 Main CatalogueThis 10 minute film follows the growth of The Hill Brush Company over the past 89 years. There is vintage film footage demonstrating the traditional brush making craft mixed with today's innovative hygiene brushware. The DVD shows how the company have developed and responded to today's hygiene and food safety requirements; with innovation, expertise producing quality products that are durable and easy to use.

The High Definition DVD demonstrates the 3 levels of choice available within the Salmon Hygiene Technology product line:

ULTIMATE 5 Star PLUS: For use in high safety areas of food production

  • Anti-microbial Cleaning Tools
  • Metal Detectable & Dissipative
  • Resin Set

PROFESSIONAL 5 Star: For use in large scale food production and factory environments.

PREMIER CATERING 4 Star: For use in smaller scale catering and restaurant kitchens.



2011 Main Catalogue


There are many variations of posters available for customers to display a product range or just enhance the look of your show area!











Demonstration Equipment


For those wishing to show samples of the Salmon Hygiene Technology products with maximum impact, an aluminium display case is available. This contains a selection of items including seven brooms and hand brushes, a squeegee, a short handle and a hanger. There are six major colors represented but we do offer a range of eight on color coded brush stocks so we can adapt it to customer requirements.



Food Production Systems



Our Zone Stickers aim to provide customers with additional assistance for interdepartmental food-type segregation or HACCP systems, which significantly reduce the chance of cross contamination. These are available to all customers who use the Salmon Hygiene Technology line of total color coded equipment.




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