HBC manufacture and supply an extensive range of cleaning solutions designed for the professional, home and outdoors.
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Green-Wave Certification

  • HBC is committed to a policy which is sympathetic to protecting and preserving our environment. Not only with our products themselves, but with how we manufacture and package them.
  • All the vegetable fibres used in our brushes are sourced from third world countries thus supporting their local communities.
  • HBC has a FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certification (TT/COC/001562) for wooden brush backs and other wooden products.  This means that the raw material to produce these wooden parts can be traced back to an FSC® certified forest.  The non-FSC® timber used by the company comes from managed forests or suppliers with other sustainable timber schemes (such as the German PEFC™ scheme).
  • HBC uses Biodegradable Polypropylene film to package Salmon Hygiene Products.
  • Our Bamboo handles are not only strong and light but are also an environmentally friendly alternative to broom handles that are now generally produced in Brazil. Bamboo handles are only available with threads and are easy to insert in our large range of threaded brushes.
  • We encourage our customers where possible to change from buying brushes with fitted handles to threaded handles. Packaging is much smaller, reducing transport costs and carbon emissions.
  • HBC strives to use a minimal amount of packaging materials and complies with all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) packaging waste regulations. The weight of packaging per product is available on request.
  • All plastic products manufactured by HBC comply with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recycling regulations.
  • Energy and water consumption is a prime concern and air from our main extraction system is recycled back into the production building to reduce the loss of heat.
  • HBC is committed to a policy which is sympathetic to environmental issues and strives to minimise adverse environmental impact at all stages of production and, where possible, we use environmentally harmonious components.
  • The Company requires that all packaging received must be recycled.
  • Our lighting in the main warehouse has been replaced with an ultra-efficient lighting system.
  • The Silver based anti-microbial additive has successfully been tested by the department of Public Health at the University of Helsinki in Finland and received the U.S EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registration (EPA Reg 40810-18). All products in the line also comply with the FEIBP PHB Charter and are RESIN-SET as standard.


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